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Memorial Day Weekend - Miami
a.k.a. Urban Beach Weekend
a.k.a. Hip Hop Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend Miami

Memorial Day Weekend in Miami is one of the fastest growing Hip Hop Weekends in the country! 

Its a MEGA party and after promoting and bringing over 5k people to this event we have our hand on the pulse of it all! Regardless of if you have been before or this is your first time, we have something for every one!
BOOK NOW to avoid the rush, BIG weekends like this, sell out fast. Use the links below to get connected or call the ## in the top left hand side of the site and let the person on the other end, of the phone, make it happen for you.


The Place: South Beach, Miami Florida
The Date: Memorial Day Weekend every year
Where exactly in Miami is Urban Beach Week held?
South Beach host the event and the prime locations are the 2500 block and below.
What Streets should I know?
Collins - Hotel district
Washington - Club district
Ocean - Eateries and of course the sexy sands of the south beach ocean
However, some events will be held across the causeways/bridges in downtown MIAMI, and as long as you are booking with us, we guarantee that you will be within a 1-2 minutes walk of all the south beach action, from the hotel to the club to beach, literally - so no rental car is needed!
What happens at the event?
Urban Beach Weekend is a weekend where high fashion, good food and strong drinks are the number concern. The parties are so off the chain that ...... sleep is not an option. 4 days of nonstop action. Its one of the only places you can really expect to see many of your favorite celebrities just hanging out and having fun with everyone else.
Now if you're on a budget, mostly you will spend 3 to 4 days walking the strip taking in the sights and sounds of the Miami and Urban beach Week vibe. If you have a bit of money you will be in the 100's of specialty shops and dining restaurants. You will be in the VIP area's mingling with celebrities, taking tours and so on.
Do I need a party pass?
Yes, this year the Urban Beach Week weekend passes are a must for this weekend. Again, sign up for the newsletter for more info on how to get them.
Matter Fact check out the video - and book your hotels for this event NOW!


Will I bump into any celebrities?
Seeing celebs - yes - bumping into - not likely, they will have security! LOL Don't be surprised to see a major artist and entourage sitting a few feet away from you at the same restaurant.
Are fellas going to tug at my arm all day, like they do at some other back events?
Men are men, no matter what part of the county you're in, some will tug...not all day though. Just be polite but firm whenever anyone does something unwanted.
Could one walk outside in the public with alcoholic beverages?
Technically it is allowed, at least if you buy a drink from Wet Willie's and Fat Tuesday's and they let you walk around with it. Last year people were outside Wet Willie's with their drinks. While we don't condone breaking laws, I would suggest bring a water or Coke bottle (better safe than sorry) or whatever to disguise incase the Miami beach P.D. decides to change the rules for the weekend, it could happen. I would not suggest walking with an open beer or large bottle of liquor, as MBPD will selectively ticket you for an open container, but might not do the same for walking with a drink from an establishment on Ocean Drive. You will see big road signs that say no open containers in flashing lights - they put them out for special events.
What do visitors do more-Hang out and chill on the strip or go partying at a club?
Do to the ridiculous amount of people coming to the event, even if the clubs are full to capacity (and they will be) lots of people will be out on the streets, at pool parties, or hotel parties.
Do the ladies walk around topless?
No not on this beach
Does jet skiing sound like a good idea?
Whatever floats your boat. It can be a little expensive though. It's an activity to occupy your day!!!!!
How are the police in towards blacks?
There are no concrete reports describing an incident in SOBE when black folks were harassed simply for being black (But like most major cities in America, we know it does happen). However this is a huge event and to keep the peace the police just do their jobs.
How much money should one bring for the weekend?
It depends on what you will be doing. Remember you have to EAT, you want to DRINK, you want to go CLUBBING. You'll maybe SHOP, rent a SCOOTER/JET SKI, catch a CONCERT or a celebrity B-BALL event. I say for a five day trip on a budget at least $100 dollars a day. $200 if you want to do more things.
What are the age restrictions in the clubs, if there are any?
Most drinking establishments require ID...21 and over. Some of the clubs have dress sneakers, wife beaters, baseball caps...maybe even jeans.
What's the weather like?
In general, gets extremely hot. Basically, Florida is warm or hot all year long.
You might want to visit to view the forecast for the days, weeks and month. Dress accordingly.