Add Some Dimensions to Your Travel Business
Join the S.E.T. Network & Make More Money

Start booking one of the travel industry's most lucrative specialty items – Special Event Travel Packages, and get PAID the commissions BEFORE the client even travels.

The special events circuit, has bigger commissions and it's even more popular than booking cruises.

Special events, like the ones listed on the left of this site, brings a surge of people from all over the world.  They converge in one city, at one time, which makes hotels, parties and events a premium item that standard mainstream booking engines are simply not designed for.

Here's what we mean – Millions of people attend major national special events each year. They come for the love of their favorite athlete, performer or for the ambiance of the event itself – all under the theory of, "you only live once". Attendees at these events don't just want airfare and a hotel room, they want "the event", complete with commemorative gifts, tickets to events and parties .  Most of all, they want time to pay for the event A.K.A. a payment plan

Your current system DOES NOT HAVE A PAYMENT PLAN program or even access to the things people really want to do at these events. 
We have what they want …And now you can have Access to it!

Introducing the Special Event Travel Network, or the S.E.T. Network, which is powered by Platinum Enterprise Group Service, a 10 year old designation management company (DMC).

The S.E.T. Network is a exclusive membership program that offers payment plans for travelers, large commissions, access to tickets, hotels and/or party listings admissions, for dozens of national events,  direct from vendors and promoters – all while working hand-in-hand with your current online referral business and the best part is:

Most commissions are paid BEFORE the customer even arrives
to the hotel!

How is this possible?  How much is a membership?  What's involved?

These are all GREAT questions and are answered on following page, so fill out the form below and get S.E.T. to go!

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